This gizmo lets you easily remove tracking markers from backing screens without the hassle of

painting, even when they intersect with the foreground elements. The idea is to make them very close

or identical in some cases to the backing color.

A tutorial on the workflow can be found here

Gizmo / mS_MarkerRemoval_Advanced

Download: mS_MarkerRemoval_Advanced Gizmo

                     mS_MarkerRemoval_Advanced Toolset

How to install the Gizmo

Copy the contents of the folder to your .nuke folder

Then paste this in your

toolbar ='Nodes')
mS_Tools = toolbar.addMenu('mS_Tools', icon='LittleHelpers.png')
mS_Tools.addCommand('mS_MarkerRemoval_Advanced', 'nuke.nodes.mS_MarkerRemoval_Advanced()', icon='MarkerRemoval.png')

How to install the Toolset

Copy mS_MarkerRemoval_Advanced.nk to your Toolsets folder which can be found here:

Windows: C:\Users\your-username\.nuke

OSX: /Users/your-username/.nuke