mS_FrameRange lets you simultaneously change multiple Read node's in and out. This can be very useful, for example, when you have been working with a lot of CG passes and the frame range changed or you have loaded some test frames and now the full render is ready.

Gizmo / mS_FrameRange

Download: mS_FrameRange Gizmo

                      mS_FrameRange Toolset

How to install the Gizmo

Copy the contents of the folder to your .nuke folder

Then paste this in your

toolbar ='Nodes')
mS_Tools = toolbar.addMenu('mS_Tools', icon='LittleHelpers.png')
mS_Tools.addCommand('mS_FrameRange', 'nuke.nodes.mS_FrameRange()', icon='FrameRange.png')

How to install the Toolset

Copy mS_FrameRange.nk to your Toolsets folder which can be found here:

Windows: C:\Users\your-username\.nuke

OSX: /Users/your-username/.nuke