You might frequently find that you want to batch convert multiple shots in Nuke for several reasons, like converting onlines to proxies for the matchmove and roto department, or maybe you just want to quickly apply a LUT for dailies.

mS_BatchConvert simplifies the process by automatically taking the filename and frame range from the source read nodes and puts them in the corresponding write nodes.

You can use it with stills, image sequences, and video files.

Download: mS_BatchConvert

How to install

Copy the contents of the folder to your .nuke folder

Copy and paste the following code taken from the Nuke Documentation to your

This let's Nuke create folders if they are not already there instead of throwing an error

def createWriteDir(): 
    import nuke, os 
    file = nuke.filename(nuke.thisNode()) 
    dir = os.path.dirname( file ) 
    osdir = nuke.callbacks.filenameFilter( dir ) 
        os.makedirs( osdir ) 
nuke.addBeforeRender( createWriteDir ) 

Then paste this in your

# mS_BatchConvert
import mS_BatchConvert
toolbar ='Nodes')
mS_Tools = toolbar.addMenu('mS_Tools', icon='LittleHelpers.png')
mS_Tools.addCommand('mS_BatchConvert', mS_BatchConvert.mS_BatchConvert, icon='Write.png')

Python / mS_BatchConvert